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A Back Bay hideaway

Had a great day, making 160 miles and two locks through Alabama on the Tombigbee river.

Saw our first alligator as we entered a lock and enjoyed light winds and beautiful weather. Still dodging debris in the water (some as large as telephone poles) which would end our trip abruptly, but seeing fabulous shorelines and trees and no people or cell service.

The boat is running great as we spend our 11th day on the river and we are still in good shape for fuel, food and water. As we move further south the weather is getting much warmer, highs in the 90's with 90+ humidity making us want for air conditioning at night.

Lots of heavy industry along the river including power plants, paper mills steel mills and fuel and coal depots. Not much barge traffic yet, but people we have talked to said the flood this year is as big as the 1991 record flood.

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